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About us

The Maine Coons of the Cattery "Midnightfire"
We are a certified, registered and registered cattery according
to german §11 Animal Welfare Act

American Forest Cats in the typical wild look!

The Midnightfire Maine Coon Cattery is a small TICA registered and authorized cattery, which we run out of love for the Maine Coons in addition to our daily work.

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Outside corral **click**
Cat-safed garden **click**

We are in possession of the certificate of competence according to
§11 of the Animal Welfare Act - issued by the Special Purpose Association Veterinary and Food Monitoring Office in D-Jena -
Saale Holzland district


Our coonies are all family members. They are allowed to move freely (including our tomcat!) in our cat-friendly house with approx. 200 m2 of living space and have full family contact. A spacious **open-air enclosure** is available directly at the house. In addition, our entire property has a **cat-proof fence ** - so our coonies can enjoy a largely species-appropriate life with us!

Our cats are all tested for HCM and PKD according to the latest findings at the age of 1 year at the latest, as well as gene-tested for HCM and SMA. 

Documents on all test and ultrasound results can be viewed at any time.

For the sake of their health, all coonies are fed primarily with high-quality wet feed and raw meat as well as day-old chicks (B.A.R.F.). More about this **HERE**. You can find out exactly what our fur noses get on our information page.

This means that our kittens receive the best possible conditions for a healthy, long Coonie life in addition to loving rearing and veterinary care.

Midnightfire Kitten

Mom stays with her babies at all times. This allows them valuable nutrition and the comfort of being nursed until they leave our house. We do keep our kittens until they are between 12 and 16 weeks of age, or even until later. Considering that the Maine Coon Cat is a very slowly developing breed, our Midnightfires Babys need this time with their mother, in order to become that patient, gentle, easygoing pet you read about.

If you are looking for trophies and awards that the cats have won at shows, I have to disappoint you.
We love our cats very much and treat them to a species-appropriate life.
That's why we don't have the heart to put them in a small cage for the weekend
in a small cage for the weekend so that they might win a title. That is pure stress and not entirely harmless to their health. With so many cats on show, the risk of infection with viruses or bacteria introduced by humans or animals is very high.

We only occasionally have kittens to give away and I will generally only sell our kittens as pet animals.
However, I would like to invite seriously interested breeders to inquire about the possibilities. Kittens for breeding will only be given to a cattery after careful examination of the cattery.

Please visit our **INFO** pages - there you will find lots of interesting and interesting facts about our purring fur noses....


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***And now we wish you a lot of fun on our homepage***

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